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Here you can initiate the request for commonly used legal contracts. Requests that contain standard Juniper language are typically processed much faster, and are executed by the NDA team within the same business day. Requests that contain non-standard language require additional review and will take substantially longer to execute.

Juniper Networks Trademark Use Request

This form is to be completed by the Company requesting permission (the “Company”) to use a Juniper Trademark or logo (“Mark(s)”). The information provided on this form will be used by us to evaluate your request. If we approve your request, we will also use the information provided on this form to complete the Juniper Networks Trademark Release Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Juniper and the Company.

See an example of a completed request.

Read the FAQs.

Please use the form below to initiate your contract request. For all contract questions and additional contract requests, please reach out to

Type of contract

Requesting Company Name/Juniper Affiliation

Please provide the full corporate legal name of the Company, as well as any affiliation or existing relationship to Juniper (ex, Supplier, Partner, Customer, Reseller).

Requesting Company Contact Information 

If we approve your request, we will need the name and the title of the person who is an authorized signer.

Please provide the contact information for the authorized signer of the Agreement. You may also provide contact information for another person at the Company, including phone number and email addresses.

Mark Usage Request

Consult the full list of marks on


Juniper Networks Logo White           Juniper Networks Logo Black         Juniper driven by Mist AI

Consult our Logo Guidelines page and our Trademarks section for more information.

1. To use the Mark on the customer page of the ABC, Inc. website at https://____ in connection with a vendor case study that will be published on the Company's website world-wide from the Effective Date for period of one year.
2. To use the Mark in a keynote presentation and on banners at the ABC, Inc. partner conference (to announce a partnership between ABC, Inc. and Juniper Networks) for a one-time event on June 22, 2023.
3. To use the Mark on the ABC, Inc. company website at http://_____to show that Juniper Networks is a partner / member / customer in from the Effective Date for a period of two years.

Examples of Proposed Use

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): An NDA is needed whenever Juniper's Confidential Information may be disclosed.  More info about NDAs at:


Manufacturing Authorization Form (MAF): MAFs are provided to customers at the request of authorized Juniper partners, to confirm that the named partner is an authorized partner of Juniper Networks in the named territory and may supply certain products in that named territory. More info about MAFs at:







Sending a pre-signed NDA is as easy as completing a few simple steps:


1. Enter in some basic information about the counterparty and select the appropriate NDA template.

2. Click "Submit" and Juniper Legal will either find an effective NDA, or generate the pre-signed NDA.

3. Start your engagement as soon as the counterparty signs!



Welcome to the Juniper NDA Portal!

Review the NDA below and click "Submit" to receive the NDA pre-signed by Legal. 

Counterparty Information

How many parties are there?

Party Two

Party Three

Party Four

Party Five

Party Six

A Sales NDA is used when there is a sale of Juniper’s products and services (customer engagements). If you are in the Juniper Sales organization, you will most likely need a Sales NDA.



A Non-Sales/Business NDA is used in business situations such as the engagement of a potential supplier or vendor, business development opportunities or engineering matters such as development, interoperability or other exchanges of proprietary technical information. If you are in Juniper's engineering department or are looking to purchase something on behalf of Juniper, you will use the Business NDA. 




NDA Template Selection

What type of NDA do you need?
Are you aware of any reason why we would need to accept the other party's terms for the NDA?  Keep in mind that our NDA is very business friendly (bilateral, perpetual, general purpose, presigned) and the other party can make changes to some standard provisions in the self-service portal.

Please clarify below to evaluate the applicability of "Independent Development & employees (involved in the discussion under NDA) assignement for similar project" or "Residual Knowledge" in the Business NDA.

Is Juniper intending to solicit any feedback from the Counter Party on Juniper products?

Based on your responses above, it looks like the standard template will be suitable for your purposes. After you click Submit below, the counterparty will receive an email to sign the Instant NDA.

Based on your responses above, it looks like you will need to negotiate Juniper's NDA or use the other party's paper. Please upload any relevant documents or describe the changes below:

Are you going to use Juniper Standard template or 3rd Party template for this engagement?

WARNING! Please note selecting this option will take substantially longer to complete. Juniper Standard template is the fastest option.

Great news! This is the fastest option and will be completed within the same business day.

When ‘Personal Information’* involved, please answer the following questions:

**Personal Information means and includes name of a living person, user-name, contact information, social security number, geolocation, account number, login credentials, biometric data, photos, MACid, and IP address, etc.

Does this engagement involve personal data other than names, contact information or personnel engaged in the pre-sales communications?





Your Region

The following paragraph is the language contained in a Standard MAF.

If a bi-lingual MAF in one of these pre-approved languages is needed please select "Standard" and complete the additional fields:

  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional

 If you need additional special language you will need to request a Non standard Certificate. Your request will need to be approved by Legal and it will take more time to obtain a completed certificate.

Type of Certificate

Please refer to the image below while completing the required fields



MAF and Tender

Is a translation necessary?
Choose the EMEA language needed: A pre-approved bi-lingual MAF template is available only for some languages
Choose the APAC language needed: A pre-approved bi-lingual MAF template is available only for some languages